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Out of Order

September 2, 2014

Please note: The last 3 blog postings were older postings that were overlooked and not published. They were from 2011-2012. There were no blogs published in 2013. The most current entry is “It’s Been Awhile,” 9/14………..more later………T.W.


My Friend “Piglet”

May 2, 2011

Today, I am paying tribute to my funny friend, Piglet.  Piglet recently left for “kitty heaven.”  While there is nothing funny about losing a loved one, you can look back and remember the humorous times.

Piglet lived in a trailer, in a trailer park, on the Oregon coast. Piglet loved to sit in the window, facing the ocean, next to a warm computer.  Piglet would sit there for HOURS “people watching.”  Piglet also liked to escape because he loved the “thrill of the chase.”  That would be, everyone chasing HIM.  He would always return, when HE felt like it.  It was not like Piglet would go very far.  Afterall, he lived right across the street from a huge body of water, the Pacific Ocean.  But Piglet was always looking for opportunity.  When he did escape, he always came next door for a visit.  Piglet liked “the woman” as she would always go up to his window and talk to the “Piggy.”  Once, “the woman” left her front door ajar, and the escaped “Piggy” came over, snuck in undetected, and made his way back to the bedroom.  Once back there, he let out a LOUD hello.  The scream he got in response sent him back out the door at about 85 miles per hour.   He then went under her place and stayed out of reach for over an hour, causing everyone to stand around waiting for him to come out.  Luckily, it was a nice day.  Maybe Piglet did not get enough “mad dashes” in his life, or did not get as much exercise living in a smaller space.   Regardless, diabetes can be very mean to a cat.

Well, Piglet, my friend, I hope wherever you are, you have a cozy window seat with the sun smiling on you, and a beautiful view.  Save ME a spot!………more later………T.W.

Note To Self…

March 3, 2010

“Be Gracious, Bring Out the Best In Others.”  How come that is hard, at times, to live by?  More often than not, other “beings” just annoy the hell out of me.  (Not a swear word to me, as I believe it to be a destination.)  I get annoyed by bad behavior, things being changed, and “the Kitty Katy” walking around like an “idgit” meowing to herself.   I walked by the bathroom and she was sitting in the tub talking to herself, not even five minutes ago.  It is real hard to be gracious and bring out the best in that one.   I suppose I really should make an effort coz I think she has an expiration date.   I have decided that I should have a daily list to read every morning when I get up.  Something to read and refresh myself with while “the woman” is making us “gluten-free” toast (a new and unwanted “change”).   This will be my daily “refresher course,” if you will…..

                                       NOTE TO SELF:

1)  Be Grateful For What I Have 

2)  What You Put Out Will Return to You

3)  “When Someone Shows You Who They Are, Believe Them” (Oprah)

4)  “Be Gracious, Bring Out the Best In Others”

5)  “We Must Try to Contribute Joy to the World” (Roger Ebert)

6)  “When All Else Fails, Read Dr. Seuss”  (yours truly)

7)  “Don’t Pivot On the Edge”   (yours truly)

8)  “Some People Are Shits Darling”   (Walter S. Burroughs) 

I will probably have to revise my list as the need arises OR my attitude changes……..more later………..T.W.

Caution When Bidding!….

January 29, 2010

So… “the woman here” finally got ME a higher speed internet.  No more dial-up service, yea! But now, she is a computer hog.  Surfing around ALL the time.  I have not minded coz she has been very ill with the flu, twice in 7 weeks.   It gives her something she can do while resting, or so I thought.  It turned out not to be so restful last week.  “The woman” decided she wanted a large Vera Bradley bag in the fabric pattern she already has.  These are beautiful fabric bags in different styles and fabric patterns from wallet size to duffelbags, and backpacks to luggage.  They are yummy AND spendy. However, made very well. Periodically fabric patterns are discontinued, making them hard to find.   So in the course of “us” surfing around, she discovers a bunch of them on e-Bay.  She finds one she wants to bid on, she goes to start the bidding at $2.00.  She types a “2,” when the screen flys to “you’ve bought it now.”  Oh, and for $27.99.  Her fingers did NOT hit a wrong key, she did NOT press a wrong button.  But “Bidder Beware,” she had bought the item!  “The woman” e-mailed the seller immediately as well as e-Bay.  E-Bay responded right away and at first, encouraged her to pay for her purchase.  The seller “Iris,”  responded three days later, after “the woman” kept sending her messages.  Iris’s attitude was “sorry about your luck, you bought it, pay for it.”  In fact, her message said that if “the woman” did not pay her “something” she would put a “mark” against her.  That just makes you want to “cough up” some cash, doesn’t it?  “The woman” contacted the e-Bay Resolution Department and  told them she was starting to get uncomfortable with what was going on.  “Donna”  from e-Bay responded and helped get the situation finally resolved over the course of a week.  ‘The woman” stood firm.  She will not pay $2.00 or $28.00 to ANYONE who threatens to put a “mark” against her good name and/or reputation.  It’s not the money, it’s the principal.    We are glad it was resolved correctly.  And the Vera Bradley bag?  “The woman” bid on another one, won the auction, paid and received it within 3 days.  It was a nice transaction.  And it is a beautiful bag, don’t get me wrong.  But the enthusiasm she displayed when finding one, got quickly replaced with irritation due to someone else’s bad attitude.  Isn’t it funny how that can happen?  Things start out so well…….I told “the woman” next time, buy some quilted fabric and I will help you make one.  I LOVE playing with the little spools of thread.  There is nothing to RESOLVE about that.  More later……….T.W.

How To Have Fun…

January 29, 2010

I am developing a deep appreciation for music  of the 80’s and 90’s (way before my time).  A good evening for me, during these cold winter nights, is to sit on my stool in the kitchen while “the woman” is bopping around doing her food fixing, occasional glass of wine drinking, day-to-day organizing “thing.”   All while listening to music from “The Best Time Of HER Life.”  I have been fed my “nightly acknowledgement” (chicken), so I am basically just hanging out, waiting for the floor show to begin.  It is never a disappointment.  “The woman” cannot carry a tune (to save her life!), but she does know all the words.  AND,  she can “bust a move.”  Last night, she put on a pair of black “Ray Ban” sunglasses.  She scooped me off the stool.   While she was singing, we danced around the kitchen to “I Wear My Sunglasses At Night.”  I would chime in with a squeak and a howl, here and there.  It may not be Vegas Baby, but we know how to have fun………….more later…….T.W.

All Blogged Up and No Where To Go….

January 29, 2010

Well, I got all “blogged up” so-to-speak.  I got over my “blog paw” issue and ready to “rock and roll” again when “the woman here,”  my assistant, came down with the H1N1 “swine” flu.  Actually, she was sick 3 weeks, got well for 8 days, and then got it back again for another 3 weeks.  So due to the flu and it’s complications,  “the woman” was in bed a LONG time, except for a trip to the doctor and a few bathing “experiences.”  I know “the woman” is sick when she does not want to bathe!  Usually, she will not take the trash to the curb without a shower.  Since “the woman” had been helping me through the “blog paw” ordeal,  I thought the least I could do was to take care of her in her time of need.  I stayed next to her on the bed with one paw on her leg for the better part of those several weeks.  I felt every ache and pain, fever and chill, experienced a few sneezes, and suffered through ALL the coughing.  The first few days when all she wanted to do was sleep, I was like velcro.  When she got up to use the restroom, I would go use my box, get a sip of water, and then meet her in the hall.  We would arrive back in bed at the same time.  If someone called, I’d use that time to go downstairs and grab a snack.  If  I thought she was sleeping too long, I’d climb up on the bookcase headboard, lean down, sticking my face in hers, and tap her cheek.  The first time I did that,  I unleashed the greatest “potty-mouth” in the Pacific Northwest.  (It must have been the fever.)  Then there was the day she fell asleep in the bathtub.  She’d been in there awhile,  snoring so loud I figured the deaf  “Kitty Katy” could hear her.  I got up on the ledge of the tub,  reached in, and tapped the top of her leg with my paw.   She almost had a heart attack and I almost had a bath on that one.  That happaned a couple more times, but I meow first so I don’t get wet now.  While I had been laying around and guarding “my patient,”  I had been blogging in my head.  I got  kind of  “all blogged up and no where to go.”  It is nice to get back on track.   I have always been lackadaizacal, but I am learning as I age the value of having an everyday order to things.  I think that might keep me out of trouble…….more later……T. W.

What Makes Me Cranky At Christmas….

January 29, 2010

Yesterday would not have been Christmas without the annual (five Christmas’s running) Christmas photo.  This year involved having a Santa hat tied under my chin with a bow (pure hell) and my having to sit purrfectly still for the snapping of bright lights going off in my face and eyes.  “The Kitty Katy” is “exempt” from this tradition.  (“Exempt” being my new favorite word, see previous blog.)  I will tell you, there is nothing that makes me crankier.  I would rather have my nails trimmed and my ears cleaned.   AND at the same time.  There is always this “delay” with the new cameras.  “The woman” presses the button and I am purrfectly posed, but then the finished picture makes it look like I shook my head.  So snap-snap-snap-snap-snap-snap.  And then she wants the side angle.  And then she wants the “sex-kitten” pose.  WHAT UP?  Take the picture already, or the next pose you get will be the “cranky cat” pose.  I have been purrfecting that one.  I have an excellent role model.  “The Kitty Katy.”   Mrrr-ow……….more later……….T.W.`

Back From Hiatus….

January 29, 2010

From November 30, 2009, to January 29, 2010, I had to take a leave of absence from my Blog due to “The Woman’s” health, amongst other, issues.  She is, afterall, my (unpaid) assistant.  I never stopped writing during this time, so you may be now reading  my “holiday” blogs in  January….

It’s Always Something…

November 21, 2009

This evening, I was sitting at the kitchen table (on a chair at the table, just like regular folk) waiting for my nightly “acknowledgement.”  I politely engage in conversation till I am rightfully acknowledged.  By the way,  I take my “acknowledgement” and leave the table, as I am not allowed to eat on the table.  Is that not ridiculous?  “The woman” eats at the table.  Silly.  Isn’t  “what’s good for the goose, good for the gander” so-to-speak?  Oh well.  So while I am waiting, I overhear some conversation going on.  I hear the words “high maintenance” and my name in the same sentence.  I thought, “great.”  What did I do now?  Yes, I stole her gold-colored cat hat a few times, but I put it where she could find it.  There was the famous “chocolate-chip-cookie-incident,”  but haven’t we left that behind?  I did “the woman” a favor on that one.  Saved her a few calories and all.  I only shredded one of her shoe laces on her new running shoes.  The other shoe lace was fine.   Besides, she could still tie the shoes.  What’s the problem?  I, admittedly, have a shoe fetish.  I do not venture out much, shoes tell a story.   I can sniff where they have been.  It’s a “cozy” feeling.  Gees, if it’s not one thing, it’s something else.  It’s always something……..more later……..T.W.

My Christmas Wish List…..

November 21, 2009

Since they have already begun with the Christmas music on the radio, and it is 6 days before Thanksgiving if I am counting right, I guess I am not too early in saying this.  This morning I am eating my “gently warmed” cat food (exactly 8 seconds in the microwave, no more, no less) with the homemade gravy “the woman here” makes for us, when I see a face pressed against the sliding glass door watching me eat my breakfast.  It’s “Priss.”  I have mentioned her previously.  Priss lives next door and for whatever reason, she likes it over in MY backyard better than her own.  (Not really a problem, coz the only time I go outside is in an enclosed pet stroller in the summer weather.)  Poor Priss.  She looks pretty well fed and taken care of, all things considered.  But it got me thinking.   All my homeless brothers and sisters spending Christmas at the shelters, or on the streets.  And it’s getting cold out.   So here is “My Christmas Wish List.”   You may be able to help me with it:   1)  If your pet is not spayed or neutered, please do EVERYBODY a favor and do it NOW.  The problem of stray animals, especially cats, starts here;   2)  Adopt a pet for Christmas.  And instead of buying all the “stuff” you humans buy that ends up used, discarded, donated, and/or landfilled, save that money aside for the pet’s needs for the next year.  Such as food, litter, vet bills, a warm pet bed, a toy;   3)  If you can’t see your way to doing either of those suggestions, take a bag of cat or dog food to your nearby shelter or go in and hand them $10.  OR mail it.  Their address is in the phone book.  So easy.  And do it anonymously, if possible.  YOU will feel better for it………more later……..T.W.