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Fear of Clowns, Chickens, and Other Phobias….

May 2, 2011

I was dozing on the bed yesterday, with the television on, when all of a sudden a clown came on the screen.  I mean a real CLOWN.   Not someone you call a clown, but a colorful circus type clown.  It scared me.  I could not go back to sleep.  In fact, the vision would not leave my brain all night last night.  It was not a restful night for me.  This leads me to wonder, how many other people are disturbed or upset by seeing clowns?  So, today I did a bit of research.  Did you know that there is a “condition” for the fear of clowns?  No laughing now.  It is called “Coulrophobia.”  Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns.  I have NO doubts that I have that condition.  I SERIOUSLY have that condition.  There are therapists that will treat you for that.  How would they do that I wonder?  Would you have to attend a lot of circuses?  Are there even circuses going around anymore? There’s clowns for hire in the phonebook.  Would you have to hire one to come to your house?  Boy, that could get expensive.  Tuesdays and Thursdays,  you pay to see a therapist.   Saturdays, you pay for a clown to make a house call.  I have been wanting to write a book.  Maybe this is what I should write about?  “How to Cure Yourself of Coulrophobia in 30 Days.”  A self-help handbook.  I could put pictures of clowns in it, just not in the first 3 or 4 chapters.  Definitely NOT on the cover.  A big clown face on the front would scare off potential buyers.  They’d never get inside the cover!   I could do a whole series of these self-help books.  There’s “Dentophobia,” fear of the dentist  (I have that, everybody has that!).  “Agorophobia,” includes fear of elevators (you know any cats who like elevators?!).  “Aviophobia,” fear of flying (I definitely have that!).  “Trypanophobia,” fear of shots and needles (ask my vetrinarian how I feel about that one!).  “Arachnophobia,” fear of spiders (many people have this, but I view spiders as little toys).  I found out that more than 19 million Americans have at least 1 type of phobia.   Phobias are brought on due to genetics, brain chemistry, and traumatic events.  A phobia starts as a fear.  When the fear causes stress, interferes with your life, or becomes excessive, it is a phobia.  “Alektorophobia” is fear of chickens (if you know anything about me, you would know that is a phobia I do NOT have!).  I do, however, have “Lack-of-Alektoro-Phobia.”  I become very fearful when there is no chicken in my bowl at dinner time.   In fact, that is what I should write a book about and make sure the people who feed me get the FIRST copy…………..more later……….T.W.


My Friend “Piglet”

May 2, 2011

Today, I am paying tribute to my funny friend, Piglet.  Piglet recently left for “kitty heaven.”  While there is nothing funny about losing a loved one, you can look back and remember the humorous times.

Piglet lived in a trailer, in a trailer park, on the Oregon coast. Piglet loved to sit in the window, facing the ocean, next to a warm computer.  Piglet would sit there for HOURS “people watching.”  Piglet also liked to escape because he loved the “thrill of the chase.”  That would be, everyone chasing HIM.  He would always return, when HE felt like it.  It was not like Piglet would go very far.  Afterall, he lived right across the street from a huge body of water, the Pacific Ocean.  But Piglet was always looking for opportunity.  When he did escape, he always came next door for a visit.  Piglet liked “the woman” as she would always go up to his window and talk to the “Piggy.”  Once, “the woman” left her front door ajar, and the escaped “Piggy” came over, snuck in undetected, and made his way back to the bedroom.  Once back there, he let out a LOUD hello.  The scream he got in response sent him back out the door at about 85 miles per hour.   He then went under her place and stayed out of reach for over an hour, causing everyone to stand around waiting for him to come out.  Luckily, it was a nice day.  Maybe Piglet did not get enough “mad dashes” in his life, or did not get as much exercise living in a smaller space.   Regardless, diabetes can be very mean to a cat.

Well, Piglet, my friend, I hope wherever you are, you have a cozy window seat with the sun smiling on you, and a beautiful view.  Save ME a spot!………more later………T.W.

A Cat Can’t Change It’s Spots…

November 28, 2010

I got scolded this evening for leaving a trail of kitty litter across the laundry room floor by “the woman.”  I was asked why I can’t “Shake-Off” as I exit the cat box.  For real.  Shake-off?  I had an idea of another word (with less letters) that could go with “off.”  I would never say it, of course, just think it.  So “she” is tired of sweeping up after me.  You would think I left the toilet seat up or something.  Actually, I would think that would be worse?  I have “exited” my box the same way for over 5 years.  Why should I change my customary method of operation?  It works for me.  I am getting older and can not remember new changes to old routines!  Moral of this story:  You cannot teach an old cat new tricks…………………more later….. T.W.

Just Goes To Show Ya…

March 6, 2010

“The woman” finally had her appointment with the tax man.  Lots of worrying, loss of sleep, and stomach upset for a full two weeks before hand. All because she let someone’s comment get in her head.  It was one of those “the glass is half empty”  type comments.  “The woman” always tries to see the “glass” as half  full.  It is easier that way.   Life is hard enough.  (Well, not as hard if you are me, a really cute cat.   Let’s face it, I’ve got it pretty darn good!)  Have you ever noticed though, that if you think about something a certain way, and think about it hard enough, that it starts to take shape.  You become the creator of something, either good OR bad.  So someone planted the seed with “the woman.”  “You are in a different tax bracket this year, it won’t be good, you’ll have to pay probably thousands of dollars, yadda-yadda-yadda.”  It brewed, it festered, it grew legs.  She was starting to simmer in her own juices, just like a crockpot!  Thank goodness for cable television for those sleepless nights like the one the night before the appointment.  (I view watching television as a mini-vacation from my brain.)   So, “the woman” spends two hours with the tax man, who she jokingly refers to as “her new bestfriend” (B.F.F.).   She came out of the appointment more upset with herself than anyone else.  She knows better than to obsessively worry over something, when she has no idea how it will turn out. Instead of paying thousands, she’s getting back enough for ten days in Hawaii.  Just goes to show ya, the glass IS half full.

“Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth!”

March 4, 2010

So, a while back, someone did what they thought was a “favor” for “the woman.”  It turned out to NOT be something she liked.  In fact, she felt it had a “negative” impact on her.  So, what would YOU do about that?  Well, the person kept asking “how do you like that?,” and “what do you think  about it?”   She would answer with a somewhat vague response.  The more this happened, the more resentful she got.  Finally when asked, she blurted out  “I don’t like it, in fact it is unacceptable.”  Woo-e, did she get an arctic blast!  (Probably the word “unacceptable.”)  The person then fired back with “Don’t Look a Gift Horse In the Mouth!”  Ok,  so what is a “gift horse” really? I am not a big history “buff.”  I am a cat, afterall.  But the limited knowledge, in my somewhat “pea-sized” brain, says that it is from “Troy,” the “helen of troy” tale.  I must have seen part of that movie, the one with Brad Pitt in it.  I probably dozed off a lot so I really only know the premise of it.   I would probably massacre the story, were I trying to relay it in it’s entirety here.  BUT I hope you get my point, without the extra dialog.   Where was I?  (I digress alot.)  Oh yeah.  So, are you being awful if you do not like the favor?  Maybe you did not want the favor.  The favor came to you the way the universe wanted to send it you (if you have watched “The Secret,” you know what I mean).   “The woman” went to do a “favor” for someone recently.  She asked the person if she could do it, the person said yes.  Then just as  it started, the person decided “no, do not want that,” and “the woman” has not heard anything more from the person since.  A little bit of a let-down, maybe, but better to find out in the beginning, I always say.  That’s why someone should ask questions, and not just assume that they know better what someone else needs then that person themself.  A lot less energy and drama is used/created by just asking a question or two, and not assuming anything.  If then the person is aggreeable, and the whole favor takes the quick road to hell, well then, that was a lesson learned.  Coz like Oprah says, “When Someone Shows You Who They Are, Believe Them.”   So “the woman”  just had two big, slightly painful, lessons in a short period of time.  I do not have to go through as much of that, being an indoor cat.  My world is smaller.   I guess now in watching all this happen to someone else, I have a better understanding of the other phrase that somewhat cancels out “Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth.”  That phrase would be “Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts.”………..more later…T.W.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished….

March 4, 2010

For me, “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished,” is up there with “Be Careful What You Wish For.”   I am superstitious, but in a weird way.  I believe in the stuff that fits MY life and the rest is “hog wash.”  I will walk under a ladder.  I have never broken a mirror, so I have no thoughts on the whole seven years of bad luck.  There’s one about putting a penny in your shoe when you get married and of course, the “something borrowed and something blue” goofy tale.  (Guess that explains the high divorce rate.)  I might possibly believe in the “Step On A Crack, Break Your Mother’s Back.”  “The woman’s” mother has broken her back several times.   That’s A LOT of bad luck.   (She is, however, extremely osteoporatic. )  “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished,” is really kind of how you look at it.  Your perspective on what happens after you do that act of kindness.  Sometimes we set our own selves up.  Like yesterday, “the Kitty Katy” missed a treat on the floor.  She ate the other 17+ put down for her, but one escaped “her royal highness.”  I am not much in to treats, what with toast (now “gluten-free”) and canned food w/yogurt for breakfast,  special-diet kibbles for lunch,  special-diet canned food with homemade gravy and bits of chicken breast for dinner, I don’t have any desire for packaged treats.  Anyway, I see that the one treat has not made it in to her tiny little “pie-hole,”  so with my paw I bat it across the floor to her.  She flicks me a glance,  scarves down the treat,  walks over to me, rips in to me verbally, then smacks me with her paw.  Right across the nose, leaving  a scratch mark. It really smarted too.  Classic example of doing a good deed and then getting punished.  As this was happening I thought to my little self,  I sure wish “the woman” could see this.  I hear a “clap” just as I am getting ready to take matters in to my own hands and work out a little “retribution.”  Next thing you know, we are both sent to the laundry room for a 60-minute “time out.”   I had been hoping for a nice warm and cozy nap on the bed.  “Be Careful What You Wish For”……..more later….T.W.