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My Friend “Piglet”

May 2, 2011

Today, I am paying tribute to my funny friend, Piglet.  Piglet recently left for “kitty heaven.”  While there is nothing funny about losing a loved one, you can look back and remember the humorous times.

Piglet lived in a trailer, in a trailer park, on the Oregon coast. Piglet loved to sit in the window, facing the ocean, next to a warm computer.  Piglet would sit there for HOURS “people watching.”  Piglet also liked to escape because he loved the “thrill of the chase.”  That would be, everyone chasing HIM.  He would always return, when HE felt like it.  It was not like Piglet would go very far.  Afterall, he lived right across the street from a huge body of water, the Pacific Ocean.  But Piglet was always looking for opportunity.  When he did escape, he always came next door for a visit.  Piglet liked “the woman” as she would always go up to his window and talk to the “Piggy.”  Once, “the woman” left her front door ajar, and the escaped “Piggy” came over, snuck in undetected, and made his way back to the bedroom.  Once back there, he let out a LOUD hello.  The scream he got in response sent him back out the door at about 85 miles per hour.   He then went under her place and stayed out of reach for over an hour, causing everyone to stand around waiting for him to come out.  Luckily, it was a nice day.  Maybe Piglet did not get enough “mad dashes” in his life, or did not get as much exercise living in a smaller space.   Regardless, diabetes can be very mean to a cat.

Well, Piglet, my friend, I hope wherever you are, you have a cozy window seat with the sun smiling on you, and a beautiful view.  Save ME a spot!………more later………T.W.



December 8, 2010

“The woman” got her vehicle’s oil changed at the dealership yesterday.  While there, she had conversation in the waiting area with a local news station employee and a retired deputy sheriff.  It was a fun and enlightening conversation. What was most interesting:  that the news media no longer calls car accidents “accidents,” they are now “crashes.”  “The woman” was like “SERIOUSLY?!!”  The answer was a resounding “yes!,”  due to insurance laws.  So this morning, we had a local news program on (a different station) for the weather report, and we heard there’s a “crash” on I-84, there’s a “crash” on the Sunset Highway, there’s a “crash” on Powell Boulevard @ 39th.  So I guess now when you “accidentally” back up and bump your mailbox and embarrassingly tell people what you did, you could make it accurate and you will not be being melodramatic.  “I was backing up, and I just CRASHED in to the mailbox.”  Throw a “POW” in there and you really embellish it.  Good grief!  What’s next?!!…..more later………..T.W.

A Cat Can’t Change It’s Spots…

November 28, 2010

I got scolded this evening for leaving a trail of kitty litter across the laundry room floor by “the woman.”  I was asked why I can’t “Shake-Off” as I exit the cat box.  For real.  Shake-off?  I had an idea of another word (with less letters) that could go with “off.”  I would never say it, of course, just think it.  So “she” is tired of sweeping up after me.  You would think I left the toilet seat up or something.  Actually, I would think that would be worse?  I have “exited” my box the same way for over 5 years.  Why should I change my customary method of operation?  It works for me.  I am getting older and can not remember new changes to old routines!  Moral of this story:  You cannot teach an old cat new tricks…………………more later….. T.W.

Resistant to Change…

January 29, 2010

Well,  I am getting older, that is “fur” sure.  (No pun intended.)  It is winter, and the ol’ fur coat is not filling in as thick as it used to.  I can’t wait to get to “the Kitty Katy’s” age.  (Not!) She looks like a bag of bones in a thin hair tarp.  Yes, I know I am not very complimentary.  I do not feel complimentary.  I feel cranky.  The holidays may be over,  but I just went through a cold spell here with my “blog paw” keeping me from doing what I have newly discovered that I like to do.  Is it that way with you?  You find something new and BAM!  You cannot get enough of it!  And then,  life takes over for a minute, and slows you down.  I have also newly discovered that I am resistant to change.  I don’t know if it’s an age thing,  or a gender thing.   “The Kitty Katy” likes change.  One week her favorite spot is on the dryer.  The next week,  it is behind a table.  Two weeks later, it is under the bed.  Then it is on a bedroom chair.  (If I couldn’t smell her, I couldn’t locate her.)  I”m not like that.  I will spend all day (which was yesterday) trying to push open the closet door to get out the toy fishing pole.  But I expect the fishing pole to be there.  Don’t go changing it up on me,  damn it!  There’s been talk about “the woman here” and her old habits. Apparently, she changed the furniture around on a bi-monthly basis.   Thank goodness no one living here was blind then.  Maybe that’s why  “the old Kitty Katy” is moving “her spot” a few times a month.  In her mind, she is staying ahead of the furniture……….more later……..T.W.