You can do anything…

O.K. so I have had a few comments from folks close to home, namely the “Kitty Katy.”  I was informed that my first blog was weak in not clearly stating exactly who and what I am.  HUH?  I happen to be a particularly good looking orange male tabby cat.  (I thought EVERY body knew that.)  I arrived in a box in 2003.   The people who live here named me Amby because at first they named me Amber thinking I was a girl.  (The woman who lives here has a petsitting service.  Whoa!)  The “Kitty Katy” is ten years older than me and did not want a “boy toy” sharing her fuzzy little leopard bed.  Too bad, so sad, coz here I am.  (Her name should really be “Cranky Katy,” but that’s another story.)  Then I grew up and went by the name “Butter Bean” for awhile.  Also not my pick.  Now I have decided that “Tumbleweed” is a bit nomadic and mysterious.  Something of an “illusion” since I never leave the inside of my house.  But I am good at playing pretend…that’s what cats do.   Thought for today:  You can be anyone and do anything you set your mind to.  You can even be a cat with a blog…more later….T.W.


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