Using Things to Your Advantage…

So now that winter is coming on, the woman here is working at sorting out the house (or so she says).  And she has A LOT of stuff.  Let me just say that again, A LOT.  Right now she has the “clean-the-nest” syndrome.  When she had that a couple of years ago, she was in a “door” phase.  New garage door, new back door, two new front door (one for security), and then the most interesting: an interior door with rippled clear glass in it almost floor to ceiling.  Now frankly, at first, I didn’t care for the door.  It’s a “tease.”  I sleep downstairs at night as I have a habit of being a night time roamer.  This is upsetting to anyone who is a light sleeper and hears me knocking stuff off tables or pulling all the pens out of a cup and onto the floor.  So back to the door—I can see images and movement so I know when people are in the kitchen.  (I have also figured out that the rippled glass is a great place to wipe your nose especially if there might be little pieces of litter stuck on it.)  Pressing my face tight against the glass  gets me a lot of attention.  More, with a lot of meowing thrown in (I heard it said I look like a paperweight with sound).  “Kitty Katy” doesn’t like the door.  She hasn’t figured out how to use it to her advantage.  But that’s because she has a little “cat”-aract and can’t see well so she can’t see through the glass to know when to start meowing.  (Plus, we all suspect she’s going deaf.) I now LOVE the door.  It lets more light in so when that kitchen light gets turned on in the middle of the night, or early in the morning,  it shines down the stairs and is a great wake up call to start in.   You’ve just got to love progress!….more later…….T.W.


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